Dir. Karim Kassem, 2021, 64 min


Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Fri, Mar 4 6:45 PM
Big Ragtag Sat, Mar 5 3:00 PM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sun, Mar 6 9:30 AM
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Original Language:Arabic


For those outside the country, the 2020 port explosion in the capital of Lebanon may have registered only as the latest catastrophe in a news cycle filled with horrors. But for the residents of Beirut, it was life-changing. And for director Karim Kassem, filming became a first step in understanding the scale of this disaster and moving toward what healing might look like. With stunning, often heartbreaking visuals and complex sound design, director Kassem’s lens captures the eerie aftermath and a city in the very early stages of processing and rebuilding in the wake of a devastating collective trauma. While it's a film rooted in almost unimaginable tragedy, it's also a painterly, compassionate work of art that quietly demands to be experienced in a reverent and immersive environment. (EAH) Preceded by “Kalsubai”

Included Shorts

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