Shorts: Macondo

Dirs. Various; 70 min


Rhynsburger Theatre Thu, Mar 3 4:30 PM
Big Ragtag Fri, Mar 4 11:30 AM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sat, Mar 5 2:30 PM


Global transmissions of variegated form exploring liminal spaces, dissociative states, and corrosive systems of power. In “You've Never Been Completely Honest” (Dir. Joey Izzo; 11 min.), an unheard tape is brought to life to tell the story of physical torture and brainwashing at a leadership and self-help seminar. “Abisal” (Dir. Alejandro Alonso; 30 min.) floats through an abandoned shipyard in Cuba, following men on board searching for signs of life. “Zigipouse” (Dir. Alan Sahin; 10 min.) observes the unlikely camaraderie found between colleagues on their smoke break. “Liberation Radio” (Dir. Esther Johnson; 14 min.) takes over the airwaves with broadcasts from American military deserters during the Vietnam War. In “Greetings from Myanmar” (Dirs. Sunniva Sundby & Andreas J. Riiser; 5 min), unsuspecting tourists enjoy a peaceful holiday while adjacent to genocide. (CT)

Included Shorts

You've Never Been Completely Honest (11min) Dir. Joey Izzo, 2021 More
Liberation Radio (14min) Dir. Esther Johnson, 2021 More
Greetings from Myanmar (5min) Dir. Sunniva Sundby and Andreas J. Riiser, 2020 More
Zigipouse (10min) Dir. Alan Sahin, 2021 More
Abisal (30min) Dir. Alejandro Alonso, 2021 More