We Met in Virtual Reality

Dir. Joe Hunting, 2021, 91 min


Missouri Theatre Fri, Mar 4 10:00 PM
Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Sat, Mar 5 12:30 PM
Big Ragtag Sun, Mar 6 8:30 PM
Film Info
Original Language:English


Filmed entirely inside the social VR platform VRChat, We Met in Virtual Reality is an innovative reimagination of the observational documentary form. The film was shot during the pandemic and immerses us in an online community that provides friendship, support, and connection at a time when people couldn’t physically be together. Within this digital world, we hear real voices but only ever encounter the cast of characters as their animated avatars, a new form of self-expression that helps many finally feel they can be their true selves. Following the story of two couples who met in VRChat and an ASL society that is now 2,000 members strong, first-time director Joe Hunting crafts an endearing portrait of this community with tenderness and understanding, reflecting on the possibilities for human connections in the online realm. (CT)