Where Are We Headed

Dir. Ruslan Fedotow, 2021, 63 min


Rhynsburger Theatre Thu, Mar 3 9:45 PM
Big Ragtag Fri, Mar 4 2:00 PM
Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Sun, Mar 6 3:00 PM
Film Info
Original Language:Russian


In an era when city life has become increasingly homogenized, subways remain an unreformed bastion of hustle, grit, and chance encounters. Embedded for a year in Moscow’s Metro, Where Are We Headed’s observational eye roams bustling underground corridors, capturing memorable scenes of slumbering passengers and drunken revelers, an intrepid balloon salesman attempting to ply his trade outside the scrutiny of the authorities, and a philosophical Santa Claus armed with an accordion and a taste for Dostoyevsky. With great humor, rich sound design, and an intuitive, kinetic cinematic exploration of space, director and cinematographer Ruslan Fedotow builds a riveting mosaic of contemporary Russian society, each little moment yielding new insight in service of a humorous, profound, and singular whole. (EAH)  Preceded by “Quitting Time”  Presented by Carson & Coil

Included Shorts

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