Dirs. Claudine Bories & Patrice Chagnard; 2021; 100 min


Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Fri, Mar 4 1:30 PM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sun, Mar 6 5:00 PM


Vedette is the long-reigning “queen” of her valley in the Swiss Alps. Each year, she beats out the competition of her fellow cows to win the top title and get unfettered access to the best grass. But now Vedette is aging, and her crown doesn’t seem so secure anymore. Her two eccentric owners are loyal to their beloved bovine, reading her philosophy and painstakingly compiling photo albums of her portraits. They welcome filmmakers Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard (Rules of the Game, T/F 2015) with open arms to spend a year with the cow as she enters her twilight years. This pastoral film is a breath of fresh Alpine air, an elegiac and charming reflection on the passing of time. (CT)