Raion Taiko


Dogwood Center - Main Stage Sun, May 15 3:00 PM


Feel the heartbeat of the drums pulsing with the moving spirit of this Midwest taiko arts ensemble from the Great Lakes Taiko Center in Southeast Michigan. Raion “sound of thunder” Taiko performers embrace the Rhythms of rain and Energy of light to create Song on the soundscapes of Japanese Taiko drumming. During stormy times in Life, our collective Love of Taiko Empowers us to be superheroes in our own Stories, uplifted by the strength of our community, imagining the World we want to live in

Together… “This is Why We Drum!” Raion Taiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble is a performing group of up to 8 highly skilled drummers sponsored by the Great Lakes Taiko Center in Novi, Michigan. They celebrate the empowering art of Japanese Taiko Drumming. Taiko is rooted in Japanese music traditions and continues to grow today as a global cultural arts movement that amplifies imagination, uplifts spirits, and builds community.