Broadway Bootcamp: Disney



Have you always wanted to perform a song from a Disney movie? Now is your chance! Broadway Bootcamp is a dynamic program that is designed to build and improve the self-confidence of participants through musical theatre performance. Participants are encouraged to focus their energy in a creative manner and explore self-expression through acting, music, and movement. Broadway Bootcamp participants learn the basics of musical theatre performance and choreography and then put them together with the assistance of the facilitator to perform their own scene, song, and dance from a Broadway show. 

It is a high-energy, engaging experience for anyone, no matter their level of stage experience. The variety of daily games and exercises allow participants to discover their hidden talents and expand upon their natural gifts and creativity. The guided instruction provides a structure so participants can present what they have learned in a comfortable, confident manner. The primary goal: promote a healthy interest in the performing arts while providing a safe environment for participants to recognize and develop their talents and self-expression.