MICA Brown Falvey Hall Sat, Apr 30, 2022 1:15 PM
SNF Parkway Theatre 3 Sun, May 1, 2022 11:30 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Feature
Genre:Spiritual Sci-Fi
Runtime:102 min
Language:Khmer, English
Production Country:Cambodia, USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jake Wachtel
Screenwriter:Jake Wachtel, Christopher Seán Larsen
Produced By:Valerie Steinberg
Cast:Srey Leak Chitth, Leng Heng Prak, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Cindy Sirinya Bishop, Rous Mony, Sveng Soche
Cinematographer:Robert Leitzell
Editor:Harrison Atkins, Stephanie Kaznocha
Production Design:Olga Miasnikova
Composer:Ariel Marx
Sound Design:Vincent Villa


In near-future Phnom Penh, the rich and privileged are augmented with  nanotech and new skyscrapers crowd the skyline. In Tralop Bek, a tight-knit community threatened with forced eviction, 13 year-old Leng Heng  is having vivid dreams of his past lives. He and his friends are convinced  they are meant to find a buried Buddhist statue to save their homes and  they seek out help from a street-smart girl in the neighborhood, Srey  Leak. Together they follow clues across town and into the past. As Leng  Heng's dreams converge on the present, his very sense of identity begins to unravel. When it becomes clear that the stakes are higher  than they imagined, the two friends must decide how far they are willing  to go to find their treasure and the truth.

Following the screenings, Wide Angel Youth Media Apprentice Tia Thomas will lead an audience Q&A with filmmakers Jake Wachtel and Valerie Steinberg. 

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