We Met in Virtual Reality


SNF Parkway Theatre 3 Sat, Apr 30, 2022 2:00 PM
MICA Brown Falvey Hall Sun, May 1, 2022 2:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Feature
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Joe Hunting
Produced By:Joe Hunting, Charlotte Cook, Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett
Editor:Joe Hunting


Joe Hunting is well ahead of the curve when it comes to filmmaking with (read: within) VR technology. The young filmmaker has already created two short films (A Wider Screen and Club Zodiac), an episodic series (Virtually Speaking), and his latest project, a feature called We Met in Virtual Reality, all via an “online virtual world platform” called VRChat. First released as a prototype in 2014, VRChat is an application where users can create their own full-body avatars and inhabit completely customizable worlds. One could, say, appear in the game as a knife-throwing assassin with bright red skin and go for a drive in an off-road vehicle through a world teeming with life-like dinosaurs made completely to scale, or hang out in a virtual bar and share a few drinks with friends from all over the globe—the possibilities are nearly endless. But it seems to me that VRChat’s most important function is the ability for players to “un-mute”, which gives them the opportunity to speak directly to one another through their microphones, so that they have an easier time getting to know the real people behind the avatars.

The film focuses on five such real people: Jenny, who teaches American Sign Language classes within the platform; DustBunny, a belly dance instructor, and their partner, Toaster; and IsYourBoi, a virtual erotic dancer, and their partner, DragonHeart. Thanks in part to the anonymity granted them by their avatars, they each share stories from their personal lives—some uplifting, some terribly unfortunate—and discuss the various relationships that they’ve formed with the help of VR. It can be easy for the general public to ignorantly write off those who frequently play computer games as a bit “anti-social”, but Hunting shows how applications like VRChat can serve to facilitate deep and authentic connections. That authenticity is rooted in the sudden freedom from familial and societal expectations, which gives VRChatters a rare opportunity to totally reinvent themselves and, perhaps, get just a little bit closer to their ideal selves. For all of the aforementioned users, virtual reinvention has clearly paid enormous dividends in the real world.—Lucas Cullen, Assistant Manager, SNF Parkway Theatre



Following the screening on April 30  filmmaker and Professor of Film and Moving Image at Stevenson University, Dina Fiasconaro will lead an audience Q&A with with filmmakers, Joe Hunting and Jenny.

Following the screening on May 1  Programing Director, Christy LeMaster will lead an audience Q&A with with filmmakers, Joe Hunting and  Jenny.




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