Ashland Theatre: E-Sports



Ashland Theatre Sun, May 1 11:00 AM
Mario-Kart Tournament!
11AM to Noon is free play! Tournament from Noon to 3PM!
Ashland Theatre Sat, Sep 10 11:00 AM
Ashland Theatre Sat, Nov 5 12:00 PM
First Single Elimination Bracket
Begins at Noon, please arrive no later than 11:45AM to check-in.
Ashland Theatre Sat, Nov 5 1:30 PM
Second Single Elimination Bracket
Begins at 1:30PM, please arrive no later than 1:15PM to check-in.


The game is Mario-Kart on Nintendo Switch!

$5 to play, free to watch.

There will be two single-elimination tournaments of sixteen players each. First tournament begins promptly at Noon. If purchasing tickets for multiple players, each players full name and age will need to be provided during the ticket purchase.


Q: Should I bring my own controller?
A. No, we have controllers here.
Q. Will there be NPCs?
A. No.
Q. Are players allowed to use Power-Ups?
A. Yes!
Q. Is there an age limit or minimum?
A. No, this is an all ages event.