Swingtooth Quartet



Dogwood Center - Black Box Sat, Jun 11 7:30 PM


Four legendary Newaygo County denizens have been creating wonderment on Croton Pond: “Where is that Bossa Nova coming from?” It’s Swingtooth Quartet, a happy extension of Swingtooth, the well-known local guitar duo, Lee and David Middleman. The Swingtooth Duo was born with the creation of the hand-built instruments now known as the Swingtooth Guitars, briefly featured in the beloved Black Box Folk-Luthier series of shows. David and Lee each built their own unique guitar: different, but from the same tree, a North American Cherry. The natural built-in harmony of these instruments is part of this duo’s palpable relationship mystique.

As Swingtooth Quartet, they are joined by Chris Cudworth on bass, and Pat Eickenroth on percussion, both sought after participants in several eclectic groups across the State. The synergy amongst these four is part of their own enjoyment in crafting new ways to express their favorite timeless material of early swing, bebop, sultry ballads and lively bossa nova. Expect innovative improvisation and put on your dancing shoes!