The Wake Up Call



The Culture Center Theater Thu, Jun 23 7:00 PM


Dave Evans was a renowned prosthetist, humanitarian and peace activist. A double amputee himself, he dedicated his post-military career to transforming lives shattered by these seemingly never-ending, interchangeable wars. From Syrian refugees in a prosthetics clinic in Amman, Jordan, to the fallout of war in places like Iraq, Dave chose a life of service to others.  

This film profiles Dave's 50-year career making and fitting artificial legs, arms, and hands for civilians and combatants in conflict zones and numerous countries, after losing his own legs below the knees in Vietnam. Featuring interviews and footage from around the world, The Wake Up Call was crafted by Alison Gilkey and Eric Neudel of Storyline Motion Pictures whose goal is to craft “thought-provoking, high quality programs about often overlooked social issues.”

Sponsors: Storyline Motion Pictures and 

Time: 6PM reception, 7PM film with discussion after
Where: The Culture Center Theater
Tickets: $10