The Lad Goodbye: Independent Film Premiere


Apollo Cinema Thu, Jun 23 6:30 PM


The Lad Goodbye is an independently produced and locally filmed stoner comedy that three up and coming filmmakers, Victor Dubyna, Nolan O’Kane and Kirk Percival, dreamed up together as a feature-length continuation of their short film ‘Hi, Lad!’ Filled with an authentic inventive cinematic style and uncompromising attitude, The Lad Goodbye promises to be a wild riot for stoners and film enthusiasts everywhere.

Rogue man Lester Schmidt, and his handsome roommate Bart Cockburn, have an all-out celebration planned for Lester’s last day in town. However, when Lester wakes up to discover that Bart is missing, he embarks on a quest where he leaves no stone unturned and no joint ‘unsmoked’ to be reunited with his best friend.