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Bridgette Aldrich: Sound Healing
Limelight Hotel: Silvercreek Room B Sun, Jun 12 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM


Sunday, June 12 , 5:15 – 6:15 PM; Limelight Hotel: Silvercreek Room B
Sound Healing

Join Bridgette, in a beautiful co-creation, as she weaves together the beautiful harmonics of multiple Crystal Singing Bowls.  These harmonics combined with energetic alchemy will assist you into a very deep relaxation and alignment of your whole human system. 
Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are made up of 99.99% pure quartz crystal with differing minerals and gems melted into a bowl-like shape.  These Bowls produce a very beautiful, ethereal sound of high frequency energy.  These frequencies are so fine that they can permeate every cell of the body bringing emotional, mental and physical relief while entraining the brain into a meditative state.

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Energetic intuitive and sound healer who has become well known across the Wood River and Treasure valleys as an expert practitioner of sound bowl healing. Her technique involves connecting with your unique soul signature and spiritual guidance team, bringing you into energetic alignment using the intrinsic purifying nature of crystal alchemy bowls and the vibrational meditation-a.k.a. healing sound-they naturally produce. Call it energetic alchemy 2.0

After decades of codependent relationships and trying to heal others, Bridgette has now allowed her own divine alchemy to shine through. Starting her own journey back into wholeness in 2012, It was energy work and deep intention that changed her life.
The opening of the field and the removal of stuck energy and patterns made room for her intuition, deep knowing, and feeling her connection to source energy. 
Receiving master attunements in energy work paved the way to her own remembering and connection to the unique wisdom and healing that her eternal self knows and facilitates for others.

An alchemist and bringer of light, Bridgette deeply enjoys working with individuals, children and groups both locally and across the globe. She’s an artist, teacher and teacher of teachers.

As an activator of the heart, Bridgette’s wish is for everyone to feel their own unique connection to source and know that they are whole.

She was gifted with her own child in her early 40’s, continuing the cycle of inspired love for the next generation.

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