Cinema KaBOOM: Death Wish 3


Apollo Cinema Sat, Jun 11 9:30 PM
Apollo Cinema Wed, Jun 15 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1985
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Michael Winner
Cast:Charles Bronson
Deborah Raffin
Ed Lauter
Martin Balsam
Gavan O'Herlihy


Cinema KaBOOM brings you action stars from the 70s, 80s and 90s who just love a good explosion! Film #3 in our 6 film series ending in a FREE (and AWESOME) ACTION FILM SCREENING – make sure you hold onto your punch cards! Charles Bronson reprises his role as Paul Kersey for a third time in one of the most over-the-top and gratuitously violent films ever committed to celluloid. Returning to New York (actually England pretending to be New York), Kersey discovers things are even worse than before when a crooked police chief (Ed Lauter) forcibly recruits the architect-vigilante to clean up the streets. With a 50-plus body count, non-stop action and Bronson's deadpan delivery, director Michael Winner pushed "Death Wish 3" to absurd and excessive extremes; it remains one of the crown jewels of the action genre.