Thrilling Bloody Sword


Apollo Cinema Thu, Jun 2 7:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1981
Production Country:Taiwan
Original Language:Mandarin
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Chang Hsin-Yi
Cast:Hsu Pu-Liao
Yang Hui-shan
Hsia Ling-Ling
Chang Yi
Wong Sai-Tin
Screenwriter:Chang Hsin-Yi
Cheng Jan-lung


If He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dropped acid with the Shaw Brothers while knocking out a martial arts horror-fantasy movie, that movie would be "Thrilling Bloody Sword." This head-spinning slice of Taiwanese psychotronic cinema is based on "Snow White" and boasts impossible fight scenes, plus wild monsters that include a cyclops, a pterodactyl, and Satan himself! A queen gives birth to a fleshy egg. The king tosses the egg in the river. Seven little people stumble onto it and find a cute baby inside—one who grows up to be a beautiful princess. One day, she runs into a prince, and course, they fall in love. Unfortunately, a group of dastardly wizards want to keep them apart, and they’ll use every creature at their disposal to do it! Kung-fu magic! Preservation courtesy of Gold Ninja Video and the American Genre Film Archive.