PRIDE Film Fest: Q+ Shorts

  • Still from Still from "Egúngún" by Olive Nwosu
  • Still from Still from "Joychild" by Aurora Brachman
  • Still from Still from "F^¢k 'Em R!ght B@¢k" by Harris Doran
  • Still from Still from "Five Song Tour" by Chloe Jury-Fogel
  • Still from Still from "Pierce Me" by John E. Kilberg
  • Still from Still from "Monsieur le Butch" by Jude Dry
  • Still from Still from "Valentine" Beck Kitsis & Chris McNabb
  • Still from Still from "Starfuckers" by Antonio Marziale
  • Baltimore Pride Film FestBaltimore Pride Film Fest


SNF Parkway Theatre 1 Tue, Jun 21 7:00 PM


Join us at the SNF Parkway  for an evening of queer shorts in celebration of PRIDE presented in partnership with the Pride Center of Maryland.

The common thread through these stories of acceptance and defiance are bold characters and identity defining moments. These tales of romance, reconciliation, and revenge showcase a variety of non-heterosexual voices running the gamut of human emotions. This screening was programmed by MdFF 2022 Programing Associate, Garrett Stralnic and includes the following works:

F^¢k '€m R!ght B@¢k directed by Harris Doran (2021, USA, 13 min)
An aspiring Baltimore rap queen must outwit his vengeful day-job boss in order to avoid getting fired after accidentally eating an edible.

Joychild directed by Aurora Brachman (2021, USA, 6 min)
In this meditative and tender black and white short doc, a transgender child grapples with the importance of self-acceptance as they come out to their mother.

Masquerade (Egúngún) directed by Olive Nwosu (2021, Nigeria / UK, 15 min)
A woman leaves London to return to her hometown of Lagos. She encounters someone from her past and develops a new understanding of the people who shaped her.

Five Song Tour directed by Chloe Jury-Fogel (2021, USA, 13 min)
Jules and Phoebe have a past. When Jules’ solo performance at a pub brings her, her guitar, and her beat-up Ford Taurus to Phoebe’s town, she reaches out. This bittersweet film reflects on a decision many artists must face, that of creative self expression vs. stability and human connection.

Pierce Me directed by John E. Kilberg (2022, USA, 10 min)
One evening Tommy meets with Vela to get his ears pierced. But, before that can happen, Vela drags Tommy through Brooklyn on a romantic nighttime adventure.

Monsieur le Butch directed by Jude Dry (2021, USA, 12 min)
In this sweet and authentic meta-comedy, Jude and their lovingly opinionated Jewish mother discuss Jude’s trans identity. This heatwarming film explores the line between the stories we tell ourselves and the stories that get told about us.

Valentine directed by Beck Kitsis & Chris McNabb (2022, USA, 10 min)
With gender and identity in flux, Corey and Mia struggle to redefine their relationship.

Starfuckers directed by Antonio Marziale (2022, USA, 14 min)
An intimate evening between a film director and an escort is disrupted when a familiar face arrives.



  • Face masks are required at all times in the SNF Parkway except when consuming concessions in your seat.
  • All patrons must show proof of vaccination (and booster shot, if eligible) OR proof of negative PCR test dated a maximum of 72 hours before the event.