Bob Jordan


Lounge/Lobby Fri, Jul 1 5:30 PM
Lounge/Lobby Fri, Jul 29 5:30 PM
Lounge/Lobby Fri, Aug 12 5:30 PM
Lounge/Lobby Fri, Sep 9 5:30 PM
Lounge/Lobby Fri, Sep 30 5:30 PM


Bob is a favorite at local farmer's markets with his far-ranging repertoire of folk, country, rock, and originals delivered in a laid back, humorous style.
Originally from Worcester, he was named Worcester's musician of the decade for the 90s in the Worcester Telegram. He moved to Rochester NY in 2015, where he was proclaimed Rochester's best busker, by the legendary House of Guitars. He moved to Winchendon, MA in late 2020 and began making his mark in Northern MA and Southern NH.