Kung Fu Clubhouse: Drunken Master II


Grand Illusion Cinema Sat, Sep 24 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1994
Production Country:Hong Kong
Original Langauge:Cantonese
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Liu Chia-Liang
Cast:Jackie Chan
Anita Mui
Ti Lung
Liu Chia-Liang
Andy Lau
Screenwriter:Yuen Kai-Chi


Introducing Kung Fu Clubhouse, a series that highlights martial arts films you can't miss. We aim to showcase electrifying fight coordination, ridiculous plots, endearingly "charming" dramatic performances and more!

Wong Fei-Hung returns some years after his training with Beggar So. Traveling back home from a shopping expedition for his father’s business as local physician, precious cargo on board their train is stolen from visiting members of the British consulate. Wong Fei-Hung juggles the British empire’s disruptive investigations into his hometown in search of a stolen Chinese artifact between his complicated relationship with his pacifist father.

A martial arts film for the ages, Drunken Master II seamlessly weaves personal family drama, fiery fight choreography, and late stage colonialism around Wong Fei-Hung’s declining physical & mental health. Featuring one of the greatest ending fights in martial arts film history, Drunken Master II is an all-time masterpiece.

"Every scene is either an incredible fight, a great comedic set-piece, or some beautiful overwrought melodrama." -Justin Decloux, FilmTrap (filmtrap.com)

"I think you could reasonably say that the Golden Age of the kung fu film began in 1967 with The One-Armed Swordsman, reached its classical perfection with 1978’s The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and saw its last gasp with 1994’s Drunken Master II." -Sean Gilman, The Chinese Cinema (https://medium.com/the-chinese-cinema/jackie-chan-capsule-reviews-cb8068d3f88c)