All About My Mother


The Jewel Fri, Nov 11 3:30 PM
The Jewel Sat, Nov 12 6:30 PM
The State Theatre Sun, Nov 13 5:00 PM
The Jewel Mon, Nov 14 3:30 PM
The Jewel Thu, Nov 17 6:30 PM
Film Info
Series:Staff Picks
Release Year:1999
Production Country:Spain
Original Language:Spanish
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Pedro Almodóvar
Starring:Cecilia Roth
Marisa Paredes
Candela Peña
Antonia San Juan
Penélope Cruz


Join us for Staff Picks, The State’s new series where our staff shares some of their favorite films with our patrons. Concessionist Robert Jimenez picks All About My Mother

"I really enjoy this film due to the various degrees of complexity that it offers on individuals and the various roles they may have. Whether it be motherhood, having a professional career or not, being a son or daughter, etc. The film also deals with themes of existentialism, sexuality, faith and motherhood in various degrees. We met various witty characters that offer a hand in helping us understand this tale of a Woman finding herself and questioning all she’s ever believed after the sudden death of her son. Ultimately Pedro Almodóvar weaves an eccentric and beautiful tapestry of cinema, femininity, love and loss." -- Robert Jimenez 

Following the tragic death of her teenage son, Manuela travels from Madrid to Barcelona in an attempt to contact the long-estranged father the boy never knew. She reunites with an old friend, an outspoken transgender sex worker, and befriends a troubled actress and a pregnant, HIV-positive nun.