The Room & Miracle Valley Double Feature w/ Greg Sestero


Sioux Falls State Theatre Fri, Oct 7 7:00 PM
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Event Type:DOUBLE FEATURE w/ Greg Sestero Live!
Release Year:2003 & 2022


Greg’s back!  We all had a blast last year when Greg visited the State Theatre, so we’re excited he’s back for another crazy screening of THE ROOM!  And this time he's brought along his new horror film, MIRACLE VALLEY!

You have two options to see him this year:

  • Friday, Oct 7 – THE ROOM / MIRACLE VALLEY Double Feature w/ Greg Sestero
  • Saturday, Oct 8 – THE ROOM w/ Greg Sestero

Both screenings will feature a meet & greet, Q&A and interactive screenings of THE ROOM. Friday's event will also include a screening of MIRACLE VALLEY.  

Join us for a special evening with Greg Sestero, star of THE ROOM (Oh hai, Mark!) and author of THE DISASTER ARTIST, the critically-acclaimed tell-all about the making of THE ROOM that inspired A24’s award-winning film THE DISASTER ARTIST.  This this will feature a screening of THE ROOM, a live Q&A and more!

Since 2003, THE ROOM has built a name for itself as one of the all-time great midnight movies. The passion project of writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau, THE ROOM is an idiosyncratic relationship drama like no other.


Whether or not Tommy Wiseau intentionally shot his film as a “black comedy”, or if he is simply a completely inept filmmaker (and actor) is utterly irrelevant. THE ROOM will stand the test of time as one of the most mind-bendingly awesome offerings to ever drop from the celluloid heavens.

Completely financed and distributed by Mr. Wiseau, this divine piece of WTF-ery has built a cult following playing midnight screenings across the country and solidified its place as an insanely unique phenomenon. The Guardian described it as a mix of "Tennessee Williams, Ed Wood and R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet." That's about as apt a description as we could possibly provide.

Inspired by a true story about a cult in the Arizona desert…
An obsessive photographer (Sestero) and his girlfriend (Mariano) are invited to a desert getaway in search of an ultra-rare bird. Fortune, fame and mending their fading relationship takes a turn at the hands of a sinister force where they face demons from both past, present and future.

Greg Sestero is the New York Times best-selling author of the Oscar-nominated THE DISASTER ARTIST, Director/writer for the new horror MIRACLE VALLEY, and co-star of the cult classic THE ROOM. Greg also recently wrote and produced BEST F(R)IENDS Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Lionsgate) and was recently seen in Netflix’s popular gothic-drama mini-series THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR. His directorial/ horror genre debut, MIRACLE VALLEY, is slated for release in 2022. It is the first very first film to ever shoot at Frank Lloyd Wright’s world renowned masterpiece Falling Water.

Don’t get torn apart missing this one!

Oct 7 Double Feature: $23.50/regular $21.50/members

Oct 8 Single Screening Tickets: $18.50/regular $17.50/members

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