Schlocktoberfest Pass


Onyx Downtown at The Nevada Theatre Sun, Oct 2, 2022 7:00 PM
Onyx Downtown at the Nevada Theatre
Onyx Downtown at The Nevada Theatre Sun, Oct 9, 2022 7:00 PM
Onyx Downtown at the Nevada Theatre


Schlocktoberfest is the Onyx Downtown’s month-long extravaganza of horror movie events, which will include music, comedy, trivia, costumes, beer, popcorn, and of course, lots of bad acting and low-budget special effects.

  • THE BLOB + Horror Movie Trivia Night (10/2 at the Nevada Theatre). Come on out to test your horror movie knowledge and win prizes! Then relax with a beer and some popcorn, and enjoy this gelatinous Steve McQueen classic from 1958. Be sure to bring your friends! **Trivia teams of 2-6 people**

  • SLEEPAWAY CAMP + Guest Speaker (10/9 at the Nevada Theatre). Sleepaway Camp is the ultimate campy 80s slasher movie! We’re excited to screen it, but we also understand the film’s problematic legacy, which is why we’re inviting a guest speaker to lead a discussion before the film, about its broader context within queer horror cinema.

  • TROLL 2 + Comedy Pre-Show (10/16 at the Nevada Theatre). Grab a beer and enjoy an incredible night of comedy, starting with a pre-show hosted by the wonderful Trevor Wade and featuring several local comedians! Then afterwards laugh till you cry at what many have described as the worst movie ever made.

  • EVIL DEAD 2 + Deadite Costume Contest (10/30 at the Nevada Theatre). As our grand finale, we are screening Sam Raimi’s divinely insane cult classic, Evil Dead 2, on the night before Halloween. Don’t forget to dress up as a deadite, or your favorite Evil Dead character! Those in costume have a chance to win an assortment of groovy prizes! (PLEASE NO COSTUMES INVOLVING GUNS OR PROP GUNS).