Ben Astrachan is a musician based out of Chicago, IL. He plays in three other bands: Berta Bigtoe, Astro Heart, and Porkomorph. He was the cofounder of all three! It's pronounced "Astra-Can."


"The album spins youthful reveries into Technicolor chamber-pop songs that feel designed for summer—though Astrachan’s multitracked vocal harmonies and perfectly placed flourishes might convince you that warm weather was actually made for these songs. The carefree “Scandal” drifts along at a leisurely pace, its tiptoeing bass line, relaxed percussion, and layers of gentle, sun-dazed guitar resolutely unperturbed by the latest wave of bad news roiling our world. Listening to Astrachan won’t magically improve your life, but it’ll give you the equanimity to deal with the problems it can’t fix."

- The Chicago Reader


Support from Lex Leto x The Christine Burke Ensemble. A pile of friends who like to make noise together. While they are all “classically” “trained” musicians, they depart from their roots in favor of aleatory, noise, and song. Though each member’s individual work is distinct from the next, they share the value of creative exploration. What results is a process-based, improvisatory, experimental, cathartic, collaborative, theatrical, energetic, honest, intimate yet loud, weird yet accessible, fun-loving, and compelling performance that will make you say “Wow, I never thought I could sing along to music this weird!”