Forms of Forgetting

Dir. Burak Çevik; 2023
  • Tension Envelopes  Tension Envelopes


Big Ragtag Fri, Mar 3 7:00 PM
Q&A with director Burak Çevik
The Globe Sat, Mar 4 12:30 PM
Q&A with director Burak Çevik
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Original Language:Turkish


Greenhouses rust. Lakes look like deserts. A shipyard stands where a prison once operated. Historic cities disappear; modern art museums rise. A couple—long-ago broken up—forget and remember the details of their relationship through heartbreaking voiceovers. In Forms of Forgetting, directed by Burak Çevik, Erdem Senocak and Nesrin Uçarlar meditate on the ways in which forgetting shapes, misshapes, and decays memories. As Erdem and Nesrin discuss the intricacies of their relationship and breakup, they watch footage of themselves from years before; the wisdom in their present voices is palpable in comparison to their youthful discourse. Watching their past makes way for deeper conversations and experimental observations about historic revelations, dreams of destruction, and construction of the new. As metal corrodes, so also do our perceptions. Elephants may never forget. But we do. (LK) Preceded by short “Tension Envelopes”

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Tension Envelopes (9min) Dir. Robert Greene; 2023 More

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