Dir. Sofia Paoli Thorne
  • I was born in 1988


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Q&A with director Sofia Paoli Thorne
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Q&A with director Sofia Paoli Thorne
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Q&A with director Sofia Paoli Thorne
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Original Language:Spanish


For 35 years, Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner strictly controlled the nation, often imprisoning, torturing, or killing his opposition. Tormented by the impact of the dictatorship, Celsa looks back on her own imprisonment and torture that happened while she was pregnant with her son. Many of her family members, including her husband and mother, faced similar punishments by the dictatorship. This legacy still looms across the landscape of Paraguay, and echoes of the regime can be felt in the present-day government. Scarred by the past, Celsa delicately attaches herbs to her body in order to mend deep wounds. Through beautiful, meditative sequences with lush cinematography, director Sofia Paoli Thorne bears witness to Celsa’s story and healing. (KS) Preceded by short “I was born in 1988”

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