A Moment Of Innocence

Dir. Mohsen Makhmalbaf; 1996


Big Ragtag Sat, Mar 4 10:00 AM
Film Info
Original Language:English


Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s A Moment of Innocence blends fiction and reality through the pursuit to make amends. As a teen, Mohsen stabbed a police officer at a political rally, which led to his imprisonment. As an adult, he seeks out the officer to re-create a semi-autobiographical film about the experience. Together, the filmmaker and subject audition and train actors to play themselves in re-creations of the incident. Through comedic and serious moments, the critically acclaimed A Moment of Innocence interrogates the human desire for reconciliation and hope. (KS) This screening was curated by Victoria Linares Villegas as part of our True Vision Award program.