Moosa Lane

Dir. Anita Mathal Hopland; 2022


The Globe Fri, Mar 3 10:30 PM
Q&A with director Anita Mathal Hopland
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sat, Mar 4 12:00 PM
Q&A with director Anita Mathal Hopland
The Picturehouse Sun, Mar 5 6:30 PM
Q&A with director Anita Mathal Hopland
Film Info
Original Language:Kutchi - Pakistani


Over the span of 15 years, Danish-Pakistani director Anita Mathal Hopland documents her dual identity as the child of a Pakistani father and Scandinavian mother. As the percieved distance between Moosa Lane—the street her father grew up on and where her Pakistani relatives still live today—and her home in Copenhagen, Denmark, expand and contract over the years, Anita reflects on meanings of home, family, and belonging. What begins as a personal reflection, eventually blossoms into a larger narrative that centers on three cousins: Saima, Alishba, and Zayn. Pulling from her decade-and-a-half-long video archive, the film becomes a poignant coming-of-age tale told through an intimate and personal lens as Anita finds ways to bridge the mental and physical gap between the places we visit and the places we’re from. (KM) This film contains images of animal slaughter, references to death and partial nudity

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