Dir. Alexander Abaturov; 2022


The Picturehouse Thu, Mar 2 10:15 PM
Q&A with director Alexander Abaturov
Missouri Theatre Fri, Mar 3 11:00 AM
Q&A with director Alexander Abaturov
The Picturehouse Sat, Mar 4 7:45 PM
Q&A with director Alexander Abaturov
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Original Language:Yakut


As wildfires spread across the taiga of Siberia, the villagers of Shologon must fight both the fires and the neglect of their own government as their homes are surrounded by the flames of what they call “the dragon.” The government in Moscow won’t help if the cost exceeds the value of the land, and as that limit approaches, the villagers are increasingly desperate in the face of the oncoming flames and a wind that whips embers higher. An intimate portrait of a community coming together under threat, the film features terrifying footage of an inferno that suggests the climate apocalypse is as much a failure of institutions as it is a mythic struggle against elemental forces. Paradise proves to be part magical realism, part searing social indictment. (CB)

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