THEATER 1 Fri, Jun 16 8:00 PM
THEATER 1 Sun, Jun 18 4:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1949
Production Country:Japan
Original Language:Japanese
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Yasujiro Ozu
Cast:Chishu Ryu
Setsuko Hara
Yumeji Tsukioka
Haruko Sugimura
Hohi Aoki


A series about fathers would not be complete without an Ozu film. In LATE SPRING, the Japanese master delivers the heartbreaking story of the widowed professor Shukichi Somiya (Chishû Ryû, Ozu’s frequent star) who lives with his only daughter, Noriko (Setsuko Hara, Ozu’s frequent muse). The two live a simple and content life that is altered when Shukichi’s sister suggests that Noriko should marry. The first installment of Ozu’s “Noriko trilogy” (followed by EARLY SUMMER and TOKYO STORY), LATE SPRING is a melancholic and delicate reflection on obligation and selflessness that only Ozu could deliver. We will have Kleenex at the ready.