Insight Sunday with Judy Hudson


The Church Thu, May 25, 2023 1:29 PM
The Church Sun, May 28, 2023 10:30 AM


Sunday, May 28th | 10:30 AM

Free, RSVP required
Non-Members: $10


Judith Hudson, this month’s Insight Sunday artist, wants to tweak your expectations. Come celebrate the freedom of women to be as humorous, desirous, covetous, and boisterous as she pleases. Working in watercolor, Hudson is known for her quixotic images and her colorful depiction of our all-too-human-foibles.


Often, she takes themes of sexual transgression and uses humor to turn them around and expose (pun intended) the good, bad, and inequitable behavior between men and women. As Hudson has explained: “I want to dispel the myth that boys seek, and girls fend off.” In her most recent series, the androgynous figure of the clown serves as our alter-egos in the performance of the self, with exaggerated make-up and clothes. Although she may enjoy the ridiculousness of the human condition, her intuitive works always express empathy. Her subversion of historical, social, and physical norms highlights the fact that despite our faults, all we have is each other.


Thank you to our wonderful sponsor, Dreamy Coffee Co., for generously donating Coffee for Insight Sunday Attendees.