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Film Info
Release Year:1990
Production Country:Hungary
Original Language:Hungarian
Cast/Crew Info
Director:György Fehér
Cast:Péter Haumann
János Derzsi
Judit Pogány
Gyula Pauer
Kati Lázár


After discovering the murdered body of a girl deep in a mountainous forest, a hardened detective pushes himself to obsessive ends in his quest to catch the killer. A much- admired but long-unavailable masterpiece by influential Hungarian auteur and regular Be´la Tarr collaborator Gyo¨rgy Fehe´r, TWILIGHT is at once an existential murder mystery and an expansive meditation on time and space. Stunningly lensed in cascading grays and muted blacks by cinematographer Miklo´s Gurba´n (WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES), this 4K restoration by the National Film Institute - Hungarian Film Archive and FilmLab, supervised by Gurba´n, represents the film’s first-ever US release. (Arbelos Films) Film Center exclusive.