Jordan Hall Sun, Jul 30 3:00 PM
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You won’t want to miss the Boston Festival Orchestra’s Season Three finale! Vuelta, named after a turn in the Spanish national folk dance, flamenco, showcases the Boston Festival Orchestra’s vibrant energy and enthusiasm for a wide range of classical music. From the Polish folk music in Wojciech Kilar’s Orawa, to the sweeping tones of new American music by Quinn Mason, this program is bursting with festivity. Duel ballet works form the pillars of this concert, beginning with the refined dynamism of Igor Stravisnky’s Danse Concertante, and ending with an original suite of the unbridled, earthy, and magical El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla.

Premium - $50 (Reserve Your Own Seat)
General Admission - $30 (First Come, First Serve)
Student - $10 (Optional Reserve Your Own Seat)

Boston Festival Orchestra
Alyssa Wang, conductor

Quinn Mason, Immerse

Igor Stravinsky, Danse Concertante

Wojciech Kilar, Orawa
Manuel de Falla, Suite from El amor brujo

New to classical music? No worries! Whether you're a seasoned classical music enthusiast or looking to experience the power and beauty of the orchestra for the first time, we've designed our concerts to appeal to audiences of all levels of exposure. Our programs feature a thoughtful selection of pieces, ranging from well-known classics to modern compositions, each with its own unique story to tell. We're passionate about teaching you about the music before you hear it so that you'll have a great time no matter your background or level of familiarity. So come as you are, sit back, and enjoy the show!