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Film Info
Release Year:1988
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Martin Scorsese
Cast:Willem Dafoe
Harvey Keitel
Paul Greco
Verna Bloom
Barbara Hershey


With its screenplay by Paul Schrader (TAXI DRIVER), Scorsese’s ambitious and personal examination of faith stars an outstanding Willem Dafoe as Jesus Christ struggling with his religious and political convictions. Upon its release, the film received as much intense hostility as it did critical acclaim, with boycotts organized by Christian groups who condemned the film’s departure from gospel narratives, including a sex scene between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Protests were staged at Universal Studios, and the studio responded with an open letter in newspapers across the country reiterating that it was the First Amendment right of Americans to see the film. Nevertheless, the film was banned in New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Savannah; theater chains pulled the title from their lineups for fear of retribution and picketers; and, according to Roger Ebert, Scorsese received death threats from evangelical zealots, many of whom—of course—had not seen the film.
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