THEATER 1 Sun, Sep 17, 2023 5:15 PM


Many of the filmmakers featured in this series focused their lenses on other Black women: personal mentors, family members, and artists they admired. This program features portraits of an influential sculptor, an evocative poet, an iconic cabaret performer, an expressive dancer, and an unheralded composer. In their portraits of individual women, these films celebrate the talents and brilliance of Black women across generations. Program: VALERIE: A WOMAN, AN ARTIST, A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (1975, dir. Monica Freeman, 15 min., in English / Format: Digital), RAINBOW BLACK: POET SARAH W. FABIO (1976, dir. Cheryl Fabio, 30 min, in English / Format: Digital), STORME: THE LADY OF THE JEWEL BOX (1987, dir. Michelle Parkerson, 20 min., in English / Format: Digital), FOUR WOMEN (pictured, 1975, dir. Julie Dash, 7 min., in English / Format: Digital), A QUALITY OF LIGHT (2018, dir. Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, 8 min., in English / Format: Digital).