David A. Jones, Always Moving Forward: A Memoir of Friends, Family, and Building Humana


The Filson Historical Society Thu, Dec 7 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


In 1961, David Jones and another young lawyer borrowed $1,000 each to build a nursing home. That modest investment turned into Humana, which grew first into the largest nursing home company in the U.S., then the largest hospital corporation, and today one of the nation’s largest health insurance and integrated care companies. David A. Jones, Always Moving Forward is the autobiography of the Humana co-founder, depicting his profound impact on American healthcare as well as his love and engagement for his hometown.


It is an entrepreneur’s account of seeing things that are not there yet, adapting to change that has not begun yet. In a conversation led by University of Louisville professor and futurist Dr. Nat Irvin, David A. Jones, Jr., will discuss his father’s seemingly unparalleled capacity to assess and make decisions with great rapidity … often with an innate sense of anticipation.


Ultimately, they will explore how David Jones’ unflinching ability to innovate translates into the business and entrepreneurial spirit – and challenges – of 2023.

Recognizing that entrepreneurs “between the coasts” are too often overlooked by venture capitalists, David A. Jones, Jr., co-founded Chrysalis Ventures in Louisville in 1993. That same year, his father’s company Humana exited its industry-leading hospital business, reinventing itself as an insurer, and David joined Humana’s board to help guide the transition. He served on the board for 30 years, until the spring of 2023, and was chair from 2005 to 2010. 

Author, innovator, futurist, teacher, composer and former radio and television commentator, Nat Irvin, II, serves as Assistant Dean of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement, and Woodrow M. Strickler Chair, Professor of Management Practice, University of Louisville, College of Business. He teaches graduate courses in the future of management, executive leadership, team dynamics, and Spirituality & Principles of Self Discovery.