Parallel Lives


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Parallel Lives

By Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy

In the opening scene two Supreme Beings plan the beginnings of the world, with the relish of two slightly sadistic suburban housewives decorating a living room. They create color schemes, sex and sexes, procreation and egos. From this moment the audience is whisked through the outrageous universe of Kathy & Mo (the playwrights), where the all-female cast play men and women struggling through the common rituals of modern life: teenagers on a date, sisters at their grandmother’s funeral, a man and a woman in a country & western bar. With boundless humor, Parallel Lives reexamines the ongoing quest to find parity and love in a contest handicapped by capricious gods, or in this case, goddesses.

Licensed & Produced with permission from Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

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