Black Harvest Film Festival: A DIFFERENT KIND OF TENDER


THEATER 2 Thu, Nov 9, 2023 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2023
Production Country:USA
Original Language:No dialogue
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Katherine Simóne Reynolds


In A different kind of tender, we journey alongside The Queen, portrayed by Reynolds herself, through the Rust Belt landscapes of Cairo and Brooklyn, Illinois. Once thriving industrial hubs, now marked by abandonment and transformation, the towns provide a poignant backdrop to The Queen's quest for healing and belonging. The keloid, a scar-like growth that transcends the original wound, symbolizes the profound outward expression of healing and its sensitivity to renewal. Amid the scars of industrial ascent and decline, The Queen navigates the intricate interplay of recovery, Black femme imagination, as a means to heal. Her journey emerges as a powerful and poetic reflection on healing, belonging, and the reclamation of identity in a world in flux. Reynolds, a multi-disciplinary artist, masterfully weaves together portrait photography, video, choreography, sculpture, and installation to scour the socio-emotional landscapes of Blackness and the essence of 'Black Work' in our contemporary milieu. Followed by a conversation with Katherine Simóne Reynolds and Black Harvest Lead Curator Jada-Amina Harvey. Tickets to any screening on November 9 include a 5:00PM Female Filmmakers Happy Hour with complimentary drinks and light bites, hosted by Chaz Ebert.