Black Harvest Film Festival: Black Film Club Chi


THEATER 2 Sat, Nov 11, 2023 12:30 PM


Join Black Film Club Chi for a candid discussion about tackling the obstacles of getting funded as a Black creator. This free conversation will explore director challenges, Hollywood gatekeeping, content choices, the impact of the recent writer's strike, and the struggle to not be put in a box as a BIPOC creator, and will be followed by a lively networking mixer. Black Film Club Chi is a Black non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and amplifying the voices of Black storytellers in film and media arts. Black Film Club Chi believes that by providing a safe space to showcase and amplify work, they can contribute to the community-building experiences for Black storytellers and foster meaningful connections with diverse audiences. Secure your free ticket at; ticket holders must be seated five minutes prior to the start of the program, unused tickets will be offered to walk up guests. Panelists: Chicago-based filmmakers Rachel S. Gadson (director, BHFF official selection DEAR BLACK ARTIST), Sarah Minnie (producer, BHFF official selection A REAL ONE), David Weathersby (director, BHFF official selection KINKY AND LOVING IT), and Chicago director Addison Wright.