Pioneering Women Filmmakers of the Silent Era


Sag Harbor Cinema Theater 2 Sat, Nov 18, 2023 1:00 PM
Intro by Barbara Moss, founder of the Women’s Film Preservation Fund & SHC Advisory Board member
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Part of the Series:Festival of Preservation



Member Pre-sale October 27th - November 2nd. General Audience tickets on sale November 3rd.


A collection of silent shorts from a forgotten era in which women were major players in the film industry in charge of constructing their own narratives, this program will be introduced by Barbara Moss, founder of the Women’s Film Preservation Fund, which has supported some of the restorations. The selection, curated by SHC Artistic Director Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, features documentaries, comedies, and action packed films, in which the leading ladies are also behind the camera and occasionally perform their own stunts.




“Mixed Pets” (Dir. Alice Guy-Blaché, 1911)

“Matrimony’s Speed Limit” (Dir. Alice Guy-Blaché, 1913)

“A Fool and His Money” (Dir. Alice Guy-Blaché, 1912)

“The Adams’s Boys” (Dir. Angela Murray Gibson, 1923)

“That Ice Ticket” (Dir. Angela Murray Gibson, 1923)

“Suspense” (Dir. Lois Weber, 1913)

“The Hazards of Helen” (Dir. Helen Holmes, 1915)

“The Purple Mask” (Dir. Grace Cunard, 1917)