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Film Info
Release Year:1952
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Stanley Kubrick
Cast:Frank Silvera
Kenneth Harp
Paul Mazursky
Stephen Coit
Virginia Leith
Screenwriter:Howard Sackler


Upon the initial release of FEAR AND DESIRE, his feature film debut, Stanley Kubrick was stung by negative audience reactions and immediately decided to tone down the philosophical aspects of the film. In a pattern repeated throughout his career, he pulled the film from release and made additional cuts, removing approximately nine minutes of material (about 12 percent of the film’s total length). These edits made FEAR AND DESIRE less of a metaphysical experience and more of a conventional war picture. This new 4K restoration restores the film– an inventive and existential war drama–to its original “premiere version.” Preceded by Kubrick’s 1953 short THE SEAFARERS (29 min.) Film Center exclusive.