Live From The Front: Byline Ernie Pyle


The Bay Theatre Sat, Nov 11 1:30 PM
The Bay Theatre Sat, Nov 11 7:00 PM


In the film version of last year’s sold-out Veterans Day shows at The Bay
Theatre, actor Rick Plummer delivers a moving portrayal of a beloved World War
II correspondent in “Live From the Front: Byline Ernie Pyle.” The riveting one-
man show, taped on location in 2022 at The Bay by Brauer Productions, uses
Pyle’s folksy style to recount the grinding, unrelenting danger and exhaustion of
serving at the front.

During WWII, Ernie Pyle was America’s favorite newspaperman, and his articles
had a profound effect on the nation. With 40 million readers, the Pulitzer Prize-
winning journalist served as a link between the men at the front and their loved
ones back home. Pyle served alongside the soldiers along the front lines, and
was able to tell their stories as nobody else could.

The Bay Theatre in Suttons Bay is proud to present the premiere of the filmed
performance this year as a tribute to Veterans.