Melody Angel



Melody Angel is the complete package: gifted guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and producer. Along the way Angel found time to launch a successful theater and film acting career and received international acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The Chicago Reader newspaper called her “The Future of the Blues.” The Southside Chicago artist is indeed navigating a forward-looking musical path while integrating the legacy of classic blues. Her music encompasses many 20th century American genres, including Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Folk, and Funk, all layered on a strong bed of Chicago blues. 

Like many of us, Angel’s life and earning opportunities were upended in 2020 by the Covid pandemic. “Lucky for me I spent most of the year working on my 3rd album, She Black. This album saved my life and my sanity. I have never been prouder of a project. On this album, the truth I shared in the lyrics really healed me. Music is a powerful gift and I’m grateful for it.” On where she sees the direction of the blues, Angel is both optimistic and ready to embrace the future.  “I always have hope that the blues will live on. The blues is what all great American musical genres are made from after all. Everything starts with the blues.