Twin Flames: Burned! A Survivor & Int'l Authority on Cults Speak Out


City Opera House Thu, Feb 22 7:00 PM


Special note regarding a two-ticket/one book purchase:  ONLY ONE BUNDLE (2 tickets/1book) can be purchased per order.  For more than one bundle, please place additional order(s) or call the City Opera House at 231-941-8082 ext. 201. Thank you!

Twin Flames Universe

Burned! A Survivor and International Authority on Cults Speak Out

Northern Michiganders were stunned when two major documentaries appeared about Twin Flames Universe, a self-help and wellness cult, with its leaders stationed in Suttons Bay. How could such an explosive story fly under the radar in our close-knit region?   The depth of emotional pain expressed by former members was hard to watch and raised more questions than it answered. What exactly is a cult? What is the seductive draw that entraps people? Can law enforcement play a role even when people voluntarily fork over their savings and agree to work for nearly nothing?

Keely Griffin is a survivor of Twin Flames Universe and will talk on the NWS stage about her journey into the online group with the goal of  improving her life, relationships and finding her “twin flame” – or her divinely chosen soulmate. After three years, she left the cult, losing everything, including her career, savings, and beloved sister, whom she encouraged to join TFU. Keely, who shared her experience inside the TFU cult in the Netflix documentary, “Escaping Twin Flames,” aspires to advocate for fellow survivors in the legal system and improve education and legislation around coercive control.

Keely will appear with Dr. Janja Lalich, author of “Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships.” Her book includes advice for those who have escaped a cult and eye-opening accounts of those who joined to grow spiritually, only to realize that the charismatic leader was engaged in criminal conspiracy, polygamy, slave labor, and sexual abuse of members, including minors.

Dr. Lalich will talk about:

- How to recover from the cult experience (and abusive relationships) and the ensuing fear, confusion, self-esteem and post-traumatic stress;

- The difference between a cult and a healthy group that has your best interest at heart;

- How the Internet and Covid-19 spawned cults across the nation;

- And what to do when a friend or family member is unaware they're in a cult.

The guest host for the evening is journalist Jacob Wheeler, who investigated the Twin Flames Universe for the Glen Arbor Sun.


Doors open at 6 p.m. with live music and a cash bar. The event begins at 7 p.m. and includes a Q and A and author signing. Each ticket comes with a copy of “Take Back Your Life” (or opt for a two-ticket package with one book.  Please call the City Opera House box office for this option).