The Monkey House


Manhasset Cinemas Mon, Mar 18 7:00 PM

Avi Nesher | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew with English subtitles


Nominated for 11 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophirs), legendary Israeli director Avi Nesher (MJFF films Image of VictoryThe Other StoryPast Life) returns with his critically acclaimed film The Monkey House, a splashy cinematic gem melding a literary mystery, a rambunctious comedy, and a moving character study that follows the unexpected connection between two lost souls.

Set in the 1980s, this epic tale with hints of Almodóvar melodrama revolves around Amitay, a struggling writer living near a monkey park from which the movie gets its name. Envious of his more celebrated colleagues and yearning for Tamar, his childhood love now widowed, Amitay conceives a plan to revive his literary reputation. To orchestrate this comeback, he must find a young and ambitious researcher, or at least someone capable of pretending to be one. Enter Margo, a failed actress residing at her sister's home, who eagerly seizes this mysterious job opportunity. So begins the unlikely meeting of a desperate author and an eccentric young woman, a fateful encounter destined to change both of their lives.

Radiantly shot and beautifully performed, The Monkey House continues Avi Nesher’s exploration of Israeli society and history with his own unique vision, arriving at the irreverent humor and vibrant visual sense that has defined his work for decades. With an exceptional ensemble cast that also includes Avi Nesher regular Adir Miller in an all-time best performance, Shani Cohen (also in the Festival with Sand Flakes), and a breakthrough role by Suzanna Papian making her feature film debut, The Monkey House shows a master storyteller in total control of his craft.

"Avi Nesher's greatest film"; "Original, witty, and heartfelt"; "A wonderful, exciting and sophisticated film"; "An excellent, funny and ironic film".

AWARDS - Nominated for 11 Israeli Academy Awards including BEST DIRECTOR


Avi Nesher’s many award-winning films have been integral to Israeli cinema, placing him as one of Israel’s all-time greatest filmmakers. With more than 20 feature films to his credit as director, his work has received prestigious awards and nominations at major international festivals and has won several Ophir Awards (the Israeli equivalent of the Academy Awards) over the last 30 years. Many of his most acclaimed films have premiered at the Miami Jewish Film Festival, including The Matchmaker (2011), Past Life (2017), The Other Story (2019), and Image of Victory (2021), among others.