Illiterate Light and Mo Lowda & The Humble


Main Theatre Thu, Jun 6 8:00 PM


Illiterate Light thrives on subverting expectations. Duo singer-guitarist Jeff Gorman and drummer Jake Cochran make surprisingly catchy alternative rock. Since the band’s 2015 inception, they’ve intently focused on their unorthodox live show with Cochran standing at his kit and Gorman playing synth bass with his foot as he sings and strums his guitar. Fiercely egalitarian and independent, the two split up songwriting duties and arrangement ideas. They even built bike-powered stages! Mo Lowda & the Humble are a self-produced indie rock band hailing from Philadelphia. Since releasing their debut album in 2013, they’ve vastly expanded the sonic exploration of their recorded material whilst developing a dialed-in, yet energetic live show through persistent touring. In turn, they’ve built a ravenous and loyal following across the country, selling out clubs and theaters throughout the US each year.