Chicago European Union Film Festival: HERE


THEATER 1 Sat, Mar 2 1:30 PM
THEATER 1 Sun, Mar 3 3:45 PM
THEATER 1 Wed, Mar 6 6:15 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2024
Production Country:Belgium
Original Language:Dutch
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Bas Devos
Cast:Stefan Gota
Cédric Luvuezo
Teodor Corban
Saadia Bentaïeb
Screenwriter:Bas Devos


In Bas Devos’s unassuming HERE, a Brussels construction worker prepares to return home for the holidays, perhaps never to return to his urban lifestyle. Before he leaves, he makes a soup out of the leftover ingredients in his fridge. Delivering servings of soup around the city, he bids goodbye to family and friends whom he may never see again. On a rainy day, quite by chance, he meets a woman studying microbiology, specifically bryologythe study of moss, and the two form a particular, poignant bond. Shot on 16mm and arguably the most romantic movie of the year (spoiler alert: no one consummates anything), HERE is a lyrical, peaceful, and enchanting meditation on the little things: the grass beneath our feet, the act of sharing a meal, the small pleasure of catching up with a friend. In a world where things are loud and complicated, Devos offers a soothing balm…and a bowl of soup.