Chicago European Union Film Festival: IT'S RAINING IN THE HOUSE


THEATER 1 Fri, Mar 8 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2024
Production Country:Belgium
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Paloma Sermon-Daï
Cast:Purdey Bloquiau
Makenzy Lombet
Donovan Nizet
Louise Manteau
Amine Hamidou
Screenwriter:Paloma Sermon-Daï


In Paloma Sermon-Daï’s narrative feature debut, which premiered at Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival, 17-year-old Purdey and her brother Makenzy live in Belgium’s Wallonia region, where wealthy tourists flock for summer holiday, but where the siblings live in a ramshackle house with few resources and their distracted single mother. When their mother takes off, they have to fend for themselves, with Purdey getting a low-paying cleaning job and Mak turning to petty crime. Starring her real-life half siblings, Sermon-Daï’s film—stylistically evocative of the work of Belgium's Dardenne brothers—is a matter-of-fact portrayal of poverty, and a compassionate but unsentimental portrait of coming-of-age and the bonds of family.