City Opera House Raffle Ticket


City Opera House Sat, Feb 17 8:30 PM


In association with the City Opera House Shine Like Stars Gala on February 17, you now have the chance to take home the cash.   Raffle tickets are available to not just the attendees, but YOU as well!  Tickets are limited to just 250 and the prizes are noted below:

Grand Prize:    $5,000.00

Second Prize:  $2,000.00

Third Prize:    $1,000.00

note:  if fewer than 100 of the 250 tickets are sold, the raffle reverts to a 50/50 drawing with a minimum 1st prize of $2,000.00.

Drawings will be Saturday, February 17th, held during our Annual Shine Like Stars Gala.  

Raffle License #:  R72915