Skyla Burrell Band


Lyric Theatre Wed, Apr 3 7:00 PM


A full time, hardworking traveling blues band, featuring the stunning dual lead guitar work of Skyla and Mark Tomlinson.

Onstage and on record, they play 100% original material. Singer & guitarist Skyla Burrell and co-founder & guitarist Mark Tomlinson share songwriting credits.

Called “one of the most smokin' blues bands in the US”, the band’s ten year history bears out in its fiery, vibrant live performances. Skyla Burrell’s voice not only shines, but her guitar work also cuts through.

Music Monthly Magazine said "Many women in the blues have great voices and have made their careers singing the blues, but not too many can double it up, slice it, dice it and sacri-fice it on the best Fender has to offer like Skyla can."

Supporting their acclaimed sixth and latest CD release, Broken 45s, “Skyla Burrell brings all the vibrancy and fire you can handle alongwith a swinging, jazzy swagger.” - All Music Magazine

In 2012 Skyla was inducted into the Pennsylvania Blues Hall of Fame.