Dir. Shoghakat Vardanyan; 2023


Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Fri, Mar 1 7:15 PM
Q&A with director Shoghakat Vardanyan
The Globe Sat, Mar 2 3:30 PM
Q&A with director Shoghakat Vardanyan
Film Info
Original Language:Armenian, Russian


When the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict broke out, 21 year old Soghomon’s mandatory military service was nearing its end, but he was still called up to the frontline. When a week into the war he goes missing in action, his sister Shoghakat’s first instinct is to pick up her phone and start filming. The resulting film, 1489, traces Shoghakat and her parents' agonizing journey over the next two years to make sense of what has happened to their beloved Soghomon. Refusing to look away and unflinching in the face of intense grief, Shoghakat crafts a raw and rare piece of first-person cinema, laying bare the human cost of geopolitics. 1489 is a powerful and vulnerable film that speaks to the depths of the camera’s ability to not only capture trauma but also to process it. (GH)